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Rockhopper’s Quest, Coming Soon!

Rockhopper’s Quest is coming soon! Only Members Can Brave The Viking Cave.
I’m Sure You Have Noticed This Picture On The Log In Screen. It Starts On February 23rd & Ends On March 6th.

If You Go To The Top Of The Lighthouse, You Can See Rockhopper’s Ship Coming!

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Tuitorial For Boat Hunt 2008

Hiya Penguin Fans Here’s The Tutorial!

Heres Rockhoppers New Catalog. His New Catalog Is Way better Than His Last one!

Rockhoppers Catalog

Rockhoppers Catalog

Hope You All Liked The Video FYI My Friend Made It He Said I Could Borrow It!



I made a Toolbar!!!

05/01/2008 1 comment

Hiya penguin Fans i made a Toolbar if u want ot download it heres the address

if u download it leave a comment saying how coolit is !! thnx


New Video Group+Entries

04/30/2008 1 comment

Hi Penguins i have made a new Video group for entries just leave the name of your penguin the first 3 lucky people get to be in this new group the only way to enter though is leave the name of your penguin and a URL of your penguins craziest outfit!!! if you can t do that eamil me at the craziest outfits i like will be in this grooup.

RULES To Enter

1)No hackers Allowed!

2)You can only enter once.

3)you have to have a Good Clubpenguin site.

4)NO NOOBS.(Like people that have 3 items not allowed.

5)Leave your penguin name and URL of your site so i can respond to you if you have won.

6)You have to follow what i give you to do for these videos.

7)When im going to make a video i will comment on your site when its going to be ETC.

8)Oh and give me your AIM so i can plan when everything is going to be



BTW who evr the lucky three are get to help me decide what the name of the group will be!!


Rockhopper’s Key Location on Cp

Rockhopper’s key was hidden a few days ago. There is more than just a room and a hunt. There’s a new multi player game as well! There is also more secrets about the pin.

If you read the clue rockhopper gives, it will tell you to visit the book room. Look in Rockhopper’s journal and the very last page will have his key. The key can be worn as a pin.

You can then go into Rockhopper’s ship. Enter the quarters and there you go. You used Rockhopper’s key. Here’s what the room looks like, click it to view full size.

Try out the treasure hunt game where you and a partner work together to earn coins! You can see the crows nest by scrolling over the poll and walking up the ladder that falls. Here is a picture of that room. Click to enlarge.

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thanks for coming rune12185

New Sports Catalog+Update on Rockhopper Party

04/26/2008 1 comment

Hiya Penguins welcome to nothing hahahahha that wasnt funny umm well…………………..ohh yah theres news today new catalog sports i like the newsports catalog and rockhopper party well hears the new pics!!!!




                                                 well these are the uniforms i really like them their awsome!!!!!Baseball rulez


If you wan the red&Black shirt that is at the beach in a barre..








U can get the sailor hat at the Town .









The new pin is at the ski lodge click th red X on your right and the shovel and then go walk on it !!!!!

I like the backround it looks pretty cool!!!]








1)The New Sports Catalog Is Baseball uniforms.

2)The Black&Red shirt is at the beach.

3)The Sailor hat is in the plaza in a barrel.

4)The New pin is at the ski lodge (click the red X to get the new pin)Its A Treasure Chest.

Thnx For Coming


RockHopper Early Return!!!!!!

Hiya Rockhopper fans hes red hes bearded he has a ship hes ROCKHOPPER!!! There are two new items and some new things!!!  Then They are having a writes contest the story has to do with Cp and must have 200-500 charcters pretty fun NOT!!! I hate writing its stu[id.

New Items for the non-memembers a red & Black shirt simalalr to the red and white shirt that was from a while ago!! and for the memembers a rare flower pretty cool man not !! well theres not a lot of stuff he had only had a little boat i wouldnt blame him!!!!

Well The Psa said they have there top agents out looking for these cause of events that have happenecd in Cp!!!

well thats todays news ill update tomorrow see ya then!!!


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