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Wanna Play The Old Clubpenguin?

Well Looks Like Just About EVERYBODY Wants To Play The Old Clubpenguin… Well Here It Is!
Click Here  To Play… Link – Penguin Chat 

Your Welcome!
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CPIP Item Coming Soon!!!

05/29/2008 1 comment

Hiya penguins The CPIP item is coming out friday May 30,2008 It will be in your account where all your clothes r it will be their!!! This is Only for the people who particapated in The Clubpenguin Improvement Project!!!

Plus Mohd222 is Back with Chewy Pup they made up for fighting Mohd did admit he sweared but i do not care they both did make a mistake. And they made up for it oh and Supposed and Icedrill work on Mohd and Chewys site!!! and those of you who know Darkcrow2000 he cheated in that funny pCitures contest im the one who told chewy that he cheated well!! See Ya !!!

Peace!!! 🙂


8,000 Hits+About Mohd222

05/26/2008 6 comments

Hey Penguins thnx to all of my viewers we got 8,000 hits now lets get to 10,000. Now about Mohd222 i know u guys liked Mohd222 and looked up to him but………..He has turned on Chewy Pup he was ina chat session wit chewy and he was swearing nad being disgraceful so any people who suscribed to Mohd222 on u tube unsuscribe he used Chewy Pup and Supposed so now is now Chewy Pups.So still visit his site

See Yall!!!

Peace!!!!!! 🙂


Don’t Forget about my 7,000 Hits Party!!!!!

05/24/2008 3 comments

Hiya Penguins just a reminder 7,000 Hits Party is at 7:00pm .P.S.T.  Heres the flyer!!

Spread the word remember my Igloo will be on th map !! k

See ya then

New Furniture+New Pet Catalog!!!

Hiya Penguins Today the new furniture catalog came out today here they are.

Thats the New furniture catalog

Thats The New Puffle catalog

Heres The The Free Item!!

All  you have to do is  walk on top of the wizard Hat to get It. It Originally Came out in

October 2006   

The New Anvil Pin Is located at the Boiler Room!!!

Then They had a New Catalog

They had those banners i told u about!!

Then there was all girly stuff!! Im a Pretty Pretty Prinzess!!!

The u have to click the palm tree for a Palm tree!!

After click the house plant and u will get a Coffe shop plant!1

and finall y click the pink castle to get an inflatable Dragon!!

Those of you who don’t know todays the start of the igloo decorating contest!!


Waddle on….. But not too Far!!!

7,000 Hits Party!!!!

05/22/2008 3 comments

Hiya Penguins I’m having a 7,000 Hits Party!! Here it is!!

Here it is plz come.Also spread the word tell everybody to come and i mean everybody

I will be recording so plz be their


Upcoming Events+Item Spoiler!!

05/21/2008 3 comments

Hey Penguins i got the Upcoming Events and Item Spoiler Here they are

May 23) New Furniture Catalog

New Pet Catalog

Medieval Igloo Contests Starts

New Pin Hidden

May 29) Book contest winners announced

May 30) Books Published

And Item Spoiler dadadadadadadadaddadadadadada!!!!!!!

Heres Ya go Mideval Banners!!!

Bye ill post tomorow


Hiya Penguin Fans i’m Adding to this Post 5/22/08

the New News Paper cam out today Hres the SWF

There it is also Mideval Party EXTENDED!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


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