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Wanna Play The Old Clubpenguin?

Well Looks Like Just About EVERYBODY Wants To Play The Old Clubpenguin… Well Here It Is!
Click Here  To Play… Link – Penguin Chat 

Your Welcome!
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Jet Pack Guy EPF Message

All EPF Agents Have Received a New Message By Jet Pack Guy.
Jet Pack Guy Says

Finished another sweep of the island. No sign of Herbert. How did he just vanish into thin air? You’d think he’d be groggy from his four month nap…

Where Do You Think Herbert Is?…

Hidden Pin: Camera

I Bet You’re Trying To Find The Newest Pin This Week… Well The Pin This Week Is The “Camera” Pin.
Its Located In The Bottom, Right Corner Of The Dock. Go Grab It Now!
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Rockhopper’s Quest, Coming Soon!

Rockhopper’s Quest is coming soon! Only Members Can Brave The Viking Cave.
I’m Sure You Have Noticed This Picture On The Log In Screen. It Starts On February 23rd & Ends On March 6th.

If You Go To The Top Of The Lighthouse, You Can See Rockhopper’s Ship Coming!

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RockHopper Early Return!!!!!!

Hiya Rockhopper fans hes red hes bearded he has a ship hes ROCKHOPPER!!! There are two new items and some new things!!!  Then They are having a writes contest the story has to do with Cp and must have 200-500 charcters pretty fun NOT!!! I hate writing its stu[id.

New Items for the non-memembers a red & Black shirt simalalr to the red and white shirt that was from a while ago!! and for the memembers a rare flower pretty cool man not !! well theres not a lot of stuff he had only had a little boat i wouldnt blame him!!!!

Well The Psa said they have there top agents out looking for these cause of events that have happenecd in Cp!!!

well thats todays news ill update tomorrow see ya then!!!


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