Clubpenguin Updates: New Pin & Map Updated

Hey guys its been awhile since i was here ill start posting a lot more soo keep visiting the best place to get clubpenguin cheats: Here are the updates: 😀


The New Pin Is A Snowflake Plate It Is Located At The Beach.


its been awhile since i last logged on the map is updated I CANT believe they revealed the Dojo  which is sad and made a dumb glitchy game out of it. The ninja belts aren’t have bad but they are really hard to me at least.

Well See Everyone

PcE oUt



Clubpenguin Annual 3rd Anniversery Party Cheats

Hiya Penguins!

It’s Rune12185 Back From Well Who Knows Sorry I’ve Been Gone It’s Because Of School and Sports.

Here Are The Clubpenguin 3rd Anniversery party Cheats:

The New Pin Is A 3rd Anniversery Birthday Cake Which Is Located Upstairs In The Nightclub:

The Party Hat Is In The Coffe Shop Click The Fan To Blow Of The Top Of The Cake To Get It:

And The Blue Apron Is Located In the Coffe Shop also

Thanks For reading And more Posts Will come But I May Be quitting Blogging

xXx(-Rune12185-)xXx AKA The President

My Buddy List

09/27/2008 3 comments

Hey Guys Here’s My New Video Is My Current Buddy List It Is Awesome:

I Worked Very Hard On It
Please Rate Favorite And Comment And DO NOT Forget To Subscribe!


Double Click To Go to The Video.

I Used Camastia Studio Thanks To Kyle For Giving Me The Code.


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Clubpenguin Mission 9 Spoiler

09/23/2008 2 comments

Clubpenguins Looking Sticky lol I Can’t wait For The Mission!

I edited the picture to make the penguins have green goo sticking to them.

I also predict that this could be caused from sticky bubble gum.

Sorry I Haven’t Posted I’ve Been busy with School Stuff 6th Grade IS A Drag!

visit our youtube

09/11/2008 2 comments

hey guys me and penguin38006423 have been workin really hard on some new amazing videos including music videos and cp robberies which took lots of time. please visit and subscribe.

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Newspaper Updates

09/11/2008 4 comments

Heres the new Newspaper updates and i have a secret from the stage play

I dont know if anyone posted them before me but i didnt copy i went on cp and saw u could click around and figured it out

Well here they are!

First is the Stage page

😮 There is a secret!

Click where the red squares are and


It gives u a ticket!?!?!?

I guess thats the name of the play

Now for the other stuff:

Jackhammer and paint?

Maybe it does something il try it lol or they are just weird

Then for fall

And finaly the updates!

Well thats all!

If you wanna copy this post give me credit

Cya later!


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20,000 HITS OMG I Thought I’d Ever Get This Far! YAY!! Keep it Coming

Now Lets Get To 30,000 Hits WOOOOOOOOOOO!





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