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The Penguin Games


Club Penguin released the new party!  It’s called the Penguin Games. One thing I wanna say is that if you go to the Snow Forts, then to the Ice Rink, it’s a soccer field!!!  But don’t worry.  If you go to your map, click on the Ice Rink, it’s there, but different.

Click the medal near the Moderator sign for this.

To start off, go to the Ski Village.

Go to the Start Line.  Then it will say go, like this .

Now, notice it says stop at the lights.  When you see a light, stop at it.  It should beep and look like this.

Follow the line.  It ends at the Cove.  Then do the same at the Ice Berg.  Then, after those 2 things, go to the Pool.  Swim a few laps then click the medal near the Moderator sign.  If you did all 3 events correctly, click claim prize and you get a medal.

Unfortunetly, for the rare penguins, the red and blue face paint came back.  Blue Fac Paint is located at the Pizza Parlor.

Red Face Paint is at the pizza shop.  That penguin i nthe pink wouldn’t move, and when I was doen taking pictures she moves =/

Well, that’s pretty much it!

Waddle On!

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    move to a diff server duh

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