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Some Kid On AIM Was Harrasing Chewy So Chewy Told Me His AIM And I Imed Him to StopM harrasing Chewy! So This Is What he Said!

kingdrake06 (10:49:11 AM): Screw U
kingdrake06 (10:49:17 AM): Why u Swaering at CHeyw
kingdrake06 (10:49:30 AM): *Chewy
AtFoOtBaLlPlAye4 (10:49:44 AM): stfu noob
AtFoOtBaLlPlAye4 (10:49:51 AM): the bitch is a tattle tale
kingdrake06 (10:49:52 AM): Stupid
kingdrake06 (10:49:55 AM): Yea]
kingdrake06 (10:50:01 AM): Go Die
kingdrake06 (10:50:05 AM): loser
AtFoOtBaLlPlAye4 (10:50:08 AM): learn your abc’s asshole
AtFoOtBaLlPlAye4 signed off at 10:50:12 AM.
atfootballplaye4 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
I was Standing Up for Chewy! SO Please Help

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  1. 08/19/2008 at 8:44 pm

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