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Talkin Bout Me By Jason Curran

Hey guys Rune Here! Today I Wrote A Song: Talkin Bout Me

Please Dont Leave Bad Commnets It was Hard To make this Song Im Gonna Post On Youtube At Some point!

Here It Is:

Talkin Bout Me
Written By: Jason Curran

I heard you were talkin bout me and……

Tryin To Start Trouble (Echo) With me But Don’t Because

I’m Still Standing Here! Dont Question Me Right Now Cause Im Still Standing Here!! (Continues)……….You Go Ahead And Talk About What you want I Hear Everything That You Say! I Ignore What you Say Today! So What Eva You Do Look Back For Meeeeeeeee! I Still Hear what ya Say today. No matter what You Dooo  Im Coming For You!

Just A Short Song I Wrote i Did This whole Song by Myself!

Hope You Like It If You wnat To use This Song please Ask Me or Give Me Full Credit!


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