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(Late) Cp Music Jam Party Cheats 08

Hey Guy’s Rune12185. First Off So Sorry I Haven’t Been Updating My Computer Was Being a Girl. But Now It’s Fine. Ok And I’m Thinking Of Quitting Blogging I Mean I Have 2 People That Work On My Site Kylebrock7, and Polrus AKA Cp God. I Know Kyle’s Busy But Kinda Mad At Him. He’s Working With Two People That I Don’t Like or Trust. Robcp1 And Skaggs. Their Not Trust Worthy In My Vision. Cp Gods You Don’t Work On My Site Anymore Because You Never Post On My Site Unless Its Something Stupid Ex. NEW GAME,400.HITS.ETC

BTW No Pictures Today Sorry.

Music Jam Party Cheats 2008\

1: The Music Jam Party Shirt Is Located AT The Plaza.

2: The Maracas Are At The Cove.

3: When You Go To The Dock Click The VIP Door. NOTE: Only Available To Member’s.

You Get To Go In  A New Room.

4: When You Go In The VIP Room Click The Instruments 4 Sale Bin and Buy Either

1Bass Guitar :$ Price 850 Coins

2 Tuba : $ Price 600 Coins

3 Drum Sticks : $ Price 120 Coins

4 Snare Drum : $ Price 380 Coins

5 Violin :$ Price 450 Coins

6 Headphones :$ Price 350 Coins

Their Ya Go! Then At The Snow Forts Theirs Another Catalog.

There Are 6 T-Shirts And 1 VIP Pass. All For 250 Each.

Then Billybob Made a New Game. Called DJ3K You Make a Pretty Good Coins On Their By Mixing And Matching Music I’d Give It 10/10 Cause I Really Love It. Then On The Bottom Right Of Your Screen Is A Applause Button. Also They Brought Back The Snowcat From Penguin Chat 3.

Ok Sorry For Being Late On My Post This Shall Not Happen Again.

Ok Until Then Waddle On…………LOL


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