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Summer Party+News+WPN 5+13,000 Hits

Hey Guys We Got 13,000 Hits Today. Thank You My Viewers Each and Every One Of You. You Guys Are The Ones Who Kept Me Blogging If I Didn’t Have Viewers I Probaly would Have Quit a Long Time Ago But I’m Not.

Also I Will Be Having The BIGGEST Summer Party In Clubpenguin History. I Will Invite Over 150 Penguins That I Know. I Will Record, Have Contests, And Add A Lot Of People To My Buddy List, and 5 People Will Have Their Picture On My SIte. I Hope It Sounds Like Fun. My 10,000 Hits Party Was a Drag No One Showed Up. The Summer Party Will Be In Two Weeks. If Your Gonna Come Leave a Comment Here You Don’t Have To Though.

The News Now Their will be a New Catalog Tomorow. Possibly The Clubpenguin Band Items Will Becoming.

1) Click Here For the Catalog Spoiler.

Now For The Talk Show Its Name is WPN 5 World Penguins News Channel 5. I Am Hiring A Great Video Editor But You Have To Be Very Professional. Not Sloppy! And A Partner To Help Tell The News With Me. Either Leave A Comment With Your User name or Email Me It at Joey12185@yahoo.com. And I Will Have A Raffle and Pick to Penguins Then You My Viewers Vote Who You Want.

Well Thats Todays Post See ya Penguin Fans


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