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CPIP Item Coming Soon!!!

Hiya penguins The CPIP item is coming out friday May 30,2008 It will be in your account where all your clothes r it will be their!!! This is Only for the people who particapated in The Clubpenguin Improvement Project!!!

Plus Mohd222 is Back with Chewy Pup they made up for fighting Mohd did admit he sweared but i do not care they both did make a mistake. And they made up for it oh and Supposed and Icedrill work on Mohd and Chewys site!!! and those of you who know Darkcrow2000 he cheated in that funny pCitures contest im the one who told chewy that he cheated well!! See Ya !!!

Peace!!! 🙂


  1. 05/30/2008 at 10:02 am

    😀 i keep on logging in to cp to get my free item but it is not there!!! i did help so were is it. cp are always late with theese kinds of things!!! like the aqua grabber came out late and the paint by letter books and now this! i am sure there are lots more when i wasnt here but i have had enough!!! i want my item and i want it niw!!! if i dont get it then i will e-mail them ti tell them of my outrage!!!

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