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New Video Group+Entries

Hi Penguins i have made a new Video group for entries just leave the name of your penguin the first 3 lucky people get to be in this new group the only way to enter though is leave the name of your penguin and a URL of your penguins craziest outfit!!! if you can t do that eamil me at clubpenguinsupport1@hotmail.com the craziest outfits i like will be in this grooup.

RULES To Enter

1)No hackers Allowed!

2)You can only enter once.

3)you have to have a Good Clubpenguin site.

4)NO NOOBS.(Like people that have 3 items not allowed.

5)Leave your penguin name and URL of your site so i can respond to you if you have won.

6)You have to follow what i give you to do for these videos.

7)When im going to make a video i will comment on your site when its going to be ETC.

8)Oh and give me your AIM so i can plan when everything is going to be



BTW who evr the lucky three are get to help me decide what the name of the group will be!!


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